Shea Butter


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Raw Food for the Skin.

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  • Shea Butter

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Raw Food For the Skin! Raw, unrefined, unscented Shea Butter
Wildcrafted and Ethically Traded

This is a rare and exceptional form of one of the worlds most superior moisturizers and skin conditioners. Sunfood Shea Butter is a truly raw product produced by a womens cooperative in Ghana, which is not only helping to bring economic stability to the villages, but is also giving the women economic power that they have not traditionally held. We offer this remarkable shea butter unscented so you may experience its unequalled purity and its impressive potential for beautifying and protecting the skin .

Shea Butter is a slightly yellow oil/butter extracted from the seed of the African karite tree (Butyrospernum parkii), which grows wild on the savannahs of West and Central Africa. Sunfoods shea butter is raw, cold-processed, unfiltered and unrefined so it retains all of its inherent beneficial properties.

Unrefined Shea Butter contains natural tocopherols (vitamin E), cinnamic esters and unsaponifiable fats. It offers unparalleled moisturizing properties, as well as natural UV protection and protection against sun allergies. Shea Butter has a long history of successful application in alleviating and dramatically improving numerous conditions of the skin, including itching, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, soreness, wounds, burns, scarring and stretch marks.

The indigenous peoples of Central Africa as well as the Japanese have long used Shea Butter for both food as well as body care. Shea Butter is even used as a replacement for regular dairy butter in foods. It is a perfect replacement for dairy butter in vegetarian cooking.

Suggested Use:

Massage raw, unrefined Shea Butter into the body, face, lips, hair, scalp, hands, nails and feet to soothe, moisturize, condition and protect. Use to create your own body butters, cosmetics and soaps. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils! Shea Butter may even be used together with raw, organic Cacao Butter extra-virgin Coconut Oil for even greater antioxidant support.

To improve skin health from the inside out, take MSM internally while applying Shea Butter topically on a regualr basis. MSM is a form of sulfur found in high quantities in plants which receive water solely due to rain. MSM has been found to improve the health of connective tissue, while making skin more soft and flexible. These properties naturally boost the impressive moisturizing, protective qualities of Shea Butter. For an even greater boost in skin health, apply Shea Butter to the skin along with the gel from a leaf of fresh, raw Aloe Vera. Naturally high in MSM, Sunfood fresh Aloe Vera works to soothe sunburns and helps to moisturize the skin at all levels.

For the ulimate in skin luxury, gently work Shea Butter into the skin with either Ormus Gold or Magnesium Oil. The rejuvenative properties of ormus elements complement the moisturizing, beautifying potential of Shea Butter. The combination of raw, unrefined Shea Butter with either Ormus Gold and/or Magnesium Oil is safe to use anywhere on the body.

As a food, use 2 tablespoons per day. Blend into your favorite beverages, smoothies or other recipes. If cooking, use in place of your regular vegetable oil or dairy butter.

Ingredients: raw, unrefined, ethically traded shea butter, 227g

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